analog? Whats that about?

So we live in the age of digital superiority. Why would Marc choose to use analog forms of photography? Well the truth is in the pudding. Digital simply can NOT deliver the same tones, quality, and depth that film does. It sure can mimic it but film has this certain quality about it that really makes its images POP! Since it read light and colors differently, film doesn't need much editing. The colors it produces straight from the camera are amazing.  Look below as some examples and see the difference. 

Do you also use digital?

Alright enough about film, what about digital? As great as film is, it also is not as fast or versatile as digital when shooting a wedding. Especially during receptions. So yes we do use digital. Usually on the wedding day you'll see Marc with two cameras. One film, one digital. And you may see his wife with his third film camera. Too many cameras isn't a bad thing now is it? Now when editing Marc uses Film Emulation. This helps the digital photos mimic film the the best degree. But not fully.

whats up with the grain in the photos?

Here is the official definition: "Film grain or granularity is the random optical texture of processed photographic film due to the presence of small particles of a metallic silver, or dye clouds..." What does this mean for you? Yes, film photos have tiny little specks when zoomed in, or in enlarged photos. It doesn't mean its a loss of quality but if anything shows its authenticity. Marc uses Kodak Portra 400. It has the best rated grain in the film industry. Grain does become even more noticeable when light is absent. That is why Marc makes sure to shoot film only when there is enough light to prevent excessive grain. Now in digital photos, grain is present mainly when there isn't enough light or a high ISO is used in photos with not enough lighting. This is normal in photos such as during the reception. So nothing to worry about. 

HOw many photos will I receive?

Marc can't say! No really he can't. Each wedding is different and everyone books for different amounts of time. But what Marc can say is that he will ALWAYS make sure to give you as much photos as possible. Unlike other photographers he doesn't cap out. He'll keeping giving till he can't no more!

how long till I receive my gallery?

Turn around time on a photoshoot session is usually 2 weeks or less. On weddings it usually takes 2 months but Marc strives to deliver within 1 month. Now during busy times the turn around can take a bit longer. Marc usually finishes weddings in chronological order. 

okay now what about payment?

Fun fact: Marc has a full time weekday job. What does that matter? Well lucky for you,  that means Marc doesn't require payment plans on weddings. All he ask is that you pay off all remaining balance 1 month before the wedding date. Isn't that awesome? One less thing to stress about for your wedding day. 


Photoshoots do require full payment when contract is signed. 

do you travel?

Yes Marc does travel! Depending on where your wedding will be charges will be made accordingly.