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Marc + Meagan have 3 pre-made options for you. 

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Starting at $1,800 and with a la cart options…



Looking to hire a videographer? Marc and Meagan have worked with plenty of professionals. It’s always important to have a team that work well together and understand each others creative direction. That’s why the’ve partnered up with PRSM Productions. Together they are happy to offer exclusive savings when booked together.

Make sure to visit their website for more of their work!

Products explained

Polaroid Package

Have you ever held a polaroid in your hands? Its an amazing thing to see a photo in physical form that is truly one of a kind and instant. When included in you package Marc shoots polaroids during your wedding day. Giving you extra unique memories to keep and display at home.

All Polaroid packages come with a display case and 20-30 polaroids you get to keep.

Photo Album

Standard albums are 50 page hard cover books. You get customized album that you get to pick. Marc designs it and only after you’ve approved the lay out Marc will order it for you.

Print Credit

Depending on you package you get a certain amount of print credit. This is to be treated like cash! You’ll get a special code to use in your gallery to apply toward your order.